Nintendo 3DS update brings 4 new StreetPass games!

The latest update to the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL has brought some great new features to the StreetPass Mii Plaza including 4 new mini-games, new puzzles, a ticket exchange booth and a complete new design.

The new games to the Plaza are:

  • StreetPass Squad, a game very similar to StreetPass Quest however it is in space! You are part of a space police group and you have a mission to save the galaxy from a group of space skeletons!
  • StreetPass Garden, a game where you move into a little house in a town called Leafington (sounds like Animal Crossing so far). However, your job is to become a master gardener.
  • StreetPass Battle, a strategy game, very similar to Risk, where you must gather your StreetPass army to conquer the world! One cool feature to this is that if you pass someone who has 100 units in their army, you gain 100 units too!
  • StreetPass Mansion, a game which sends you on an investigation as a detective in a mystery haunted house! Its a bit like Luigi’s Mansion meets Cluedo with the additions of StreetPass Quest battles!

Each of these games cost £4.49 in the UK or you can get a combo pack which is £13.49. The update should be available to all Nintendo 3DS users now!

Along with these new games in the update, you also get a fresh new look to the Plaza itself. Here is a picture of what the new play area looks like:

Also, if you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf and would like to add me to your friends, my Nintendo 3DS friend code is 2320-6150-1932. Let me know what your code is too so I can add you!

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Bioshock Infinite is Bio-shockingly Good

Beauty of Level Design

Bioshock Infinite is beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect when I pre-ordered this game. I waited for it, like many, for a long time anticipating what this new style of Bioshock would be like. Well I’ve not completed the game yet as I have been rather busy with work and other bits and bobs, however what I have played of it so far is just far beyond what I expected. Irrational Games definitely put a lot of effort into making this game so awesome. The level design is just … oh my god I love this game.

Bioshock Infinite is different to the previous two games. A lot different. The basic gameplay from the previous games is still there. Plasmids replaced Vigors, replacing Eve is Salts and all the FPS gun stuff is still there like before but they have brought something new to the franchise.


Unlike most games I play, I didn’t rush into just getting on with the campaign/story. I took a moment to wander around the areas. There is so much detail in this game it is unbelievable. I understand why it was a hefty download.

So the game itself. You play as a character called Booker Dewitt… I wonder if the last name pays homage to “Would you kindly?” i.e. “Do it”. Maybe this is just me thinking too into this game. You character has more of a voice in this game and this comes across a lot when you talk with Elisabeth, the other protagonist of this game. I will try not to spoil much of this game in this little review of mine.


One thing that I normally don’t like about recent games is downloadable content. However, I think I can deal with the fact that Bioshock Infinite has room for DLC. I want to see what will come out of it. I’m hoping that it isn’t just in-game items. I’d like to see some side stories going on.

Bioshock is a game series that I haven’t got bored with by the third game *cough cough* Assassin’s Creed. I don’t think that I will ever lose love for Bioshock. It is one of my favourite games and Infinite has blown this to probably my second most favourite game series. My first is obviously Legend of Zelda. Third would probably be Borderlands.

Even if you aren’t a fan of the first two games, this is definitely one game you should pick up and play. I don’t want to give any of the story away because it takes from playing the game but trust me, you will love it!

You can still get it for PC at only £23.99 from Green Man Gaming here – Bioshock Infinite

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Indie Royale!

Get it while it’s cheap! Or pay more…

I’ve not played any of the other games which are in the bundle apart from Shattered Horizon. When I played it, it was awesome! It just lacked the players. Well now it’s in the Indie Royale bundle and is a Steam game for all your lovers of the provider!

You can get to the bundle from here: and when I posted this link, the price of the bundle was £2.98 so get it while it’s still cheap.

The games in the bundle include Shattered Horizon, Analogue: A Hate Story, Da New Guys, Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, Waves and Mini Flake.

Check it out now! The price is worth it just for Shattered Horizon and if you get it, add me on Steam and I will be happy to game with you! You can get my steam details by clicking here.

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Can’t wait for Borderlands 2 – Steam

Although not having Borderlands on Steam for very long, I have had it as a non-steam PC game before and completed it. It was one of those games that I just love. It has always been one of my favourite games, along with The Legend of Zelda, Fallout, Bioshock. Assassins Creed and most recently, Bulletstorm and Dungeon Defenders. Unfortunately because of work and university, I don’t really play as much as I used to when I was at school, but when I have some full free time where I’ve not got anything to do at all, you will probably find me on one of these games. I’m not a competitive player, and prefer to play single player games. Most games companies are taking the fun away from a game by making the multiplayer the main focus.

I don’t mind a multiplayer game where you are playing co-operatively, but games are meant to be enjoyed, not just shooting each other up to get to 10th prestige… *cough* Call of Duty *cough* which has a crap single player. The only reason most people play the Call of Duty single player is for the achievements.

That’s why I like online games where you join in on the game and play along side friends to complete missions which could also be done in single player, like Halo.

This is starting to get away from the topic of discussion though, Borderlands 2. I’ve started playing Borderlands again to get me ready for it! Borderlands 2 just sits there mocking me with it’s Pre-Order section on my steam game list. It’s a shame that the old character types aren’t the same in this game, but I suppose it wouldn’t be as fun if they were. I’m thinking that maybe I will be a Commando or The Assassin. I’ve not looked at any trailers or much information about the game yet because I’d rather get my expectations of it’s awesomeness up. From what people have said to me though from information they’ve found out, it’s going to be much better than the original. It just makes me want to play it more!


Get me on Steam

If anyone is going to be getting the game too and will be wanting to play online, (if you haven’t already got me added on steam) add me: jamzc92

Let me know if you’re going to add me in the comments section below so I know who you are! I’m also up for playing other games too, including Dungeon Defenders! That game has grown on me.

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