Advent Calendar v2.0 – Q1

Two years ago, Hannah took her crafty skills and made me an advent calendar because I told her that I hadn’t had one for quite a few years. She went off and made this fantastic advent calendar filled with little gifts that she’d bought to put into it for me, so it wasn’t one of those chocolate ones I’d remembered growing up!

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The end to 4 years of university

I haven’t made a blog post on anything personal for some time so I suppose one now and then seems right. Yesterday¬†marked the day that I finished university study. While I still have a couple of demonstrations left to do, I don’t have any physical work that I can do or submit to change the outcome of this four-year journey. I was challenged to write a 15,000 word dissertation blog post but I failed miserably. Instead, enjoy this just over 5000 word essay blog post instead.

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