Nokia App Folders Released for All Lumia Devices

App Folders

App Folders

A feature that has been available on a select few other Windows Phone 8 mobile devices has now come to the Nokia Lumia range and this feature is App Folders, and going against rumour, it is actually available for ALL Nokia Lumia devices running the Amber update meaning you don’t have to wait for the Black update to arrive.

Help to keep Cortana as the name for the new Windows Phone PA

Cortana for Windows Phone

Cortana on your Windows Phone

If you keep up-to-date with news on the Windows Phone platform, you will know that an unfortunate leak of the Windows Phone 8.1 build has spread the news of an application in beta which will replace the current speech search tools currently named “zCortana”. While many Windows Phone beta applications from Microsoft will normally have their names changed to be suitable for the platform, many people within the Windows Phone community are insisting that Microsoft keep the name Cortana for the new Windows Phone personal assistant.

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Windows 8 Bing apps now available on Windows Phone

Bing Apps for Windows Phone

Bing Apps for Windows Phone

It took some time but they are now here. When I was going through my daily sweep of the WPCentral application news articles, I noticed that they had posted about Microsoft releasing the Bing apps that are available on all Windows 8 and RT devices. The four apps that you can download now are News, Weather, Finance and Sports.

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